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Termín zverejnenia Prijímateľská krajina Číslo projektu Názov projektu
05.08.2013 Ukrajina UA/13/ENP/EN/39 Introduction of a Management System of Wastes of Electric & Electrical Equipments (WEEE) in Ukraine
29.07.2013 Alžírsko DZ/13/ENP/ST/15 Capacity building of the administration of the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of Prospective and Statistics (SEPS) in the field of analysis and forecasting economic situation observatory
29.07.2013 Turecko TR 12 IB JH 01 The Strengthening of Probation Services’ Institutional Capacity in Transition to Electronic Monitoring System
23.07.2013 Azerbajdzan AZ/13/ENP/FI/28 Support to the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan in building capacity for a sustainable development of its Human Resources
16.07.2013 Chorvátsko HR 10 IB JH 04 Improvement of the Enforcement system in the Republic of Croatia
11.07.2013 Gruzínsko GE/12/ENP/FI/17 Strengthening Administrative Capacity of the Georgian Revenue Service in Taxation
08.07.2013 Gruzínsko GE/12/ENP/FI/15 Institutional Strengthening of the State Audit Office of Georgia
03.07.2013 Arménsko AM/13/ENP/FI/14 ''Strengthening the regulatory and institut. framework of Public Internal Financial Control and supporting the Central Harmonisation Unit in its role of operationalizing the new systems in RA
24.06.2013 Arménsko AM/13/ENP/OT/13 Empowerment of the Tertiary Level Education of the Republic of Armenia for European Higher Education Area Integration - EHEA"
19.06.2013 Azerbajdžan AZ/13/ENP/TR/27 Support to the State Agency on control over safety in construction of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of transition to the EU construction standards
20.05.2013 Macedónsko MK 10 IB JH 01 Support to efficient prevention and fight against corruption
09.05.2013 Ukrajina UA/13/ENP/ST/38 Support to Development Processes in the State Statistics Service of Ukraine with the Objective to Enhance its Capacity and Production
30.04.2013 Chorvátsko HR 11 IB JH 01 Strengthening capacities of the Ministry of Interior to combat cybercrime
29.04.2013 Ukrajina UA/13/ENP/TR/30b Strengthening the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine
23.04.2013 Kosovo KS 11 IB OT 02 Support Implementation of the Kosovo Education Sector Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016

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